Kollywood Movie Aayudham Seivom review

    Kollywood Movie Aayudham Seivom review - sundar and anjali
    Banner and producers: Pyramid Saimira
    Cast : Sundar.C, Anjali, Vivek, Napoleon, Nazer, Vijayakumar, Suganya, Manivannan and others
    Music: Srikanth Deva
    Camera : K S Selvaraj
    Director: Udayan
    Release date: 27/06/2008

    A commercial potboiler with a twist, the film begins with Saidhai Satya (Sundar) who is a professional hit man and does anything for money. His main mentor happens to be the dreaded gangster Annachi (C M Kumar) and while Satya poses as a businessman in front of the public he is actually a thug.

    Annachi has a close ally in the form of an ex-minister (Manivannan) who is evil to the core. Gradually, Satya becomes arrogant and as luck would have it he and his constable friend Kandaswamy (Vivek) get drunk in their car, cause traffic jam and a case is filed against them by the honest lawyer Udayamurthy (Vijaykumar).

    Satya wants to hit back and in one such instance, he is successful but then the accident leads to the death of the lawyer. Interestingly, Udayamurthy gives a blessing to Satya which really strikes the heart of Satya and due to the case filed, he is ordered by the court to serve term in the Gandhi museum.

    There, Satya meets a former freedom fighter (Nazer) and gets truly influenced by him. Satya is a changed man by the time he is out and unable to fight his guilt, he decides to uncover the truth behind Udayamurthy’s killing. He parts ways with Annachi and gets on to his mission. Meanwhile, he also has a love angle with the beautiful Meena (Anjali). What happens in the end forms the rest of the story.

    The director has come up with a mass subject but then the key point here is the Gandhian message. His presentation was alright but the narration got a bit lengthy. The camera was just about okay, editing could have been better, music was typical folk and had two numbers to carry home. Dialogues had punch in few places, script was shoddy and the screenplay was barely average.

    Sundar C did a good job by enacting the contrasting shades while Anjali has turned out to be a bombshell with her skimpy outfits and skin show. Manivannan oozed enough evil as the bad man while Vijaykumar, Nasser came across with some elegant performances.

    Vivek was his usual best and managed to get quite a few smiles from the audience. The others did their bit mechanically though not much was there for them.

    It appeared that the film maker wanted to convey a deeper message which got overshadowed in the commercial elements that were fitted in to suit the hero’s image.

    While the first half had its share of action, entertainment, comedy and drama it is the second half which kind of slows down and turns into more of a soothing flick. The idea of how the Gandhian principles can be implemented in our daily lives is worth commending.

    However, the focus on the commercial angles and the mass areas took away the sanctity of the subject. The film might get its profits but then a hit looks very unlikely this time.
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