Here is the new pic from "Prince of Persia: the Sands of Time", adventurous epic coming to cinemas next year. It is the first image of Jake Gyllenhaal, playing prince Dastan, and Gemma Arterton, playing princess Tamina, together. The last three pictures show concept art of the scenes that will appear in the movie in summer 2010. Judging from those last pics we can expect spectacular visuals and breathtaking sets full of exotic details and costumes.

    In the movie, prince Dastan joins rival princess Tamina in order to prevent an evil wizard from unleashing the huge sandstorm which could destroy the world. In order to save the world Dastan uses Sands of Time, tricked by an evil Vizier, but it turns out that by doing that he has put his people in danger of becoming ferocious demons. So, Dastan and Tamina have to return the sands of time into its hourglass by using the Dagger of Time which enables him to control the flow of time while trying to correct his own mistake.Source URL:
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