So, Emmy awards are over, I must admit I'm not a huge fan, since the nominees are always more or less the same and they almost never award the best ones, so let's go straight to the red carpet. I didn't like the red carpet this year either, there was just too much black colour and formless dresses, but here are the few lovely ones: I'm not totally sure who she is but Maria Menounos was the queen of the evening if you ask me. Rose Bourne was also refreshing in her profoundly designed white gown, while Toni Collette, who should've won the award but didn't, looked creative and cute as always in her patterned frock. Jenna Fischer is also someone I've never heard off but her non-pretentious red dress really looked lovely on her.
    Claire Danes was lovely although a bit plane in her strapless crystal encrusted Armani, while January Jones had a great Versaci dress but unfortunately also some bad shoes and bad hair. Her colleague from "Mad Men" Elisabeth Moss looked refined even though she also had a bad hairdo. Kim Kardashian was smashing in her Cleopatra dress. I also liked Nina Dobrev and Jewel in their Zuhair Murad gowns.
    Now, the only award I did like was the best supporting drama actor which went to amazing Aaron Paul whom I like a lot, and the cutest and the most adorable couple were off course Emily Blunt and her hubby John Krasinski. So, whom did you like best last evening? Source URL:
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