So, did you watch Oscars last night? I'm happy that THE KING'S SPEECH won most of the major awards, I was also happy with Christian Bale winning, and I thought female awards went into wrong hands. The stage was lovely this year and Anne Hathaway and James Franco were cute but they didn't make me laugh at all (although I did fall asleep after first hour and a half :))
    And I really must admit these were probably the weakest Oscars in last ten years when speaking about fashion. I didn't see a single breathtaking gown. What happened? When it comes to best dressed most of you will agree with me that Mila Kunis looked beautiful in her refined Elie Saab gown which matched her angelic blue eyes beautifully.
    Young Mandy Moore also looked refined in her beige sparkly dress, while dame Helen Mirren looked quite noble in her graphite gray dress (those puffed sleeves looked great on her). The only sexy dress came from Matthew McConaughey's partner Camila Elves, she really had a wow factor.
    There were also three big disappointments: I was very excited to see my favourite Cate Blanchett at the Oscars, and I can't say her dress was ugly but it was strange, overly retro, and it left me disappointed. And I will never understand what happened to adorable Amy Adams? What on Earth made her choose that green jewelry with a violet dress??? Nicole Kidman has lost her title of style icon long time ago, and this time she proved that her obsession with too many details leaves us constantly disappointed.
    But I think you will all agree that Jennifer Hudson was the main freak (click to see) of the night! Although her dress was lovely by itself, her boobs looked so horrible in it, that now I think I have a boob phobia :)
    When it comes to gentlemen, young Jesse Eisenberg and style icon Justin Timberlake, who was also great on stage, were the most dashing among them all.
    So, whom did you like or didn't like this year at the red carpet?Source URL:
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