The first part of YOUR FAVOURITE AUSTRALIAN STAR poll is over with Cate Blanchett winning with 40 % of your votes. She left Eric Bana (19%) and Simon Baker (18%) behind her.

    Beside being the best living actress Cate Blanchett  truly is the real ambassador of her Australia. Not only that she speaks highly of her country but she also isn't afraid to leave Hollywood after becoming world superstar in order to manage one of the most successful theaters Down Under.
    There isn't a single role of hers which wasn't legendary, flawless, breathtaking, stunning, ground breaking, mind blowing, magnificent, profound, intelligent ... not a single one. She is just like Meryl Streep - a category of her own, with whom no one else can compete. Even her weakest performance is better deserving of an Oscar than any other performance of any other actress.  She also possesses an otherworldly, refined and mesmerizing beauty which radiates from deep within. Her best role would be the one from ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN AGE, in which she gave a masterclass in acting, shining in every possible scene in the outstanding epic. She didn't play, but she WAS an elven queen in
    THE LORD OF THE RINGS. And don't forget her hypnotizing voice while she narrated the story in that epic. She out staged Brad Pitt in THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON(and wasn't even nominated for an Oscar).   She did what no other actress did - played a man, and played him for real not as a parody in I'M NOT THERE. She was the most perfect Katharine Hepburn in THE AVIATOR. She was so stunningly flawless in CHARLOTTE GRAY, VERONICA GUERIN, THE GIFT. She was the hottest feme fatale in BANDITS. She stole the show in THE TALENTED MR. RIPLEY. She had the most perfect accent in THE GOOD GERMAN. She stole the show again from Brad Pitt in BABEL. She was an action hero in THE MISSING and INDIANA JONES.  And you fell in love with her in NOTES ON A SCANDAL in which
    she had the most amazing chemistry with her royal majesty Judi Dench (bow immediately). She also stole the show in ROBIN HOOD.We will be watching her in THE HOBBIT again as mesmerizing Galadriel. And beside all these legendary roles in which she always has a new face, she managed to give birth to three lovely kids, to maintain an ideal marriage, to stay away from tabloids, to become a fashion icon, to become a theatre star, to stay irresistibly beautiful,
    She has five Oscar nominations, she won one for THE AVIATOR, she is one of the rare thespians who were nominated for both the lead and the supporting role in the same year, she won two BAFTA's, and three
    awards from the Australian Film Institute, she was nominated seven times and won two Golden Globes. And she was nominated nine times for Screen Actors Guild Awards.

    Now, let us move to the second round of YOUR FAVOURITE AUSTRALIAN STAR poll.  Australian as in continent not just the country since we also have some Kiwis in the run. Here are the new candidates for whom you can vote next two weeks as much as you like: ice queen Nicole Kidman, kind hunk Hugh Jackman, mesmerizing Kiwi Karl Urban, naughty stud Ryan Kwanten, legendary Geoffrey Rush, stunning Holly Valance, dashing Julian McMahon and adorable Isla Fisher. Vote on my darlings.Source URL:
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