You all know how much I love me some Arthurian legends. Well, according to "MovieWeb", Warner Bros. has just won a huge battle for the screenplay for ARTHUR AND LANCELOT
    by David Dobkin. They apparently gave $2 million for this story which will be a modern reimagining of the King Arthur and Sir Lancelot legendary tales. With a hefty budget of $90 million, the epic will be directed by the very same Dobkin who wrote the story and whom you remember by WEDDING CRASHERS, SHANGHAI KNIGHTS and the upcoming THE CHANGE UP film with Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds! It seems that after charming, lovely and decent BBC's show MERLIN and atrocious, horrible and shockingly bad CAMELOT on Starz, we shall watch some knights in cinemas too!

    After I've announced earlier this weekend that Luke Evans and Benedict Cumberbatch have joined THE HOBBIT, I have a
    new update: a few minutes ago, Peter Jackson has announced two new additions to the Middle Earth cast. Gorgeous Evangeline Lilly (LOST) will be a new female face in the film playing a Sylvan Elf, a new character called Tauriel. Her name means "daughter of Mirkwood". Hilarious Barry Humphries will be portraying the Goblin King, in the way Andy Serkis created Gollum. Barry is best known for playing the unbelievably hilarious British comedy character Dame Edna Everage which US audience probably remembers from ALLY MCBEAL.

    Check out the first concept art (thanks to "Beyond Hollywood") from next Spring's huge sf epic JOHN CARTER. It features  a landscape of Mars from the story which follows adventures of a confederate soldier who ends up on exotic planet of Mars where
    he meets strange alien nations battling each other and also a stunning princess Dejah Thoris. Directed by amazing Andrew Stanton (WALL E, FINDING NEMO) this visual masterpiece has the most amazing cast ever including Taylor Kitsch,   Lynn Collins, Polly Walker, James Purefoy, Mark Strong, Samantha Morton, Ciaran Hinds, Willem Dafoe, Dominic West, Thomas Hayden Church ... The first trailer should arrive very soon!

    LINK OF THE DAY Always witty Mr. Munk finds the connection between writing and building over in the cave of MUNK DAVIS :)
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