It seems that all is set for the planetary premiere of the long awaited second season of last year's ground breaking new show THE WALKING DEAD which became a worldwide hit in just six
    episodes. You can check out a new poster for the second season which will now see the survivors of the zombie epidemic leave the hell of zombie infested streets of scorching hot Atlanta and will head to the country expecting to find peace there, but will actually come upon some good old hillbilly zombies :) As you know, the 90 minutes long opening episode will be aired on October 16th at AMC and will then be broadcast that same week in stunning 122 countries around the world on different Fox international channels.
    Young director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo (28 WEEKS LATER), who is helming the remake of THE CROW, might also direct another reboot - the one for HIGHLANDER, in which Christopher
    played an immortal warrior. But since that is not enough of remakes, it was announced today that another 90's film might get made again - POINT BREAK in which Keanu Reeves and late Patrick Swayze played agents who mixed with the surfers in order to discover a dangerous gang. Another GAME OF THRONES star to get a new project is dashing Nikolaj Coster Waldau (naughty Jaime Lannister) who will join Jessica Chastain in MAMA, a strange horror which follows a young married couple that take in their nieces and nephews, who had been lost in the woods for the past five years. It soon becomes apparent that a malicious supernatural force is after the kids.

    According to "Empire" young Brit Julian Gilbey will direct a new sf adventure OFFWORLD which is being described as an intergalactic pedal-to-the-metal safari movie set on an alien planet. This alien thriller will be filled with all kinds of extraterrestrial life forms, some dangerous, and some working on the side of the heroes, and with all sorts of nasty creatures.
    And check out the new pic of international superstar Miss Piggy who is the star of THE MUPPETS movie premiering this November. Playing a plus-size editor of Vogue Paris, she shares her sublime fashion sensibilities with readers worldwide... at least until Kermit shows up. Miss Piggy, famous fashion icon, has said about the role: "It's the role I was born to play. Moi plays a high-powered, confident, charismatic, gorgeous, scene-stealing star who saves the day and wins her frog's heart."Source URL:
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