Now, don't kill me, but today were are having a trashy trailers day :) No news this Friday, so I have to give you a dose of kitschy
    action and horrid action stars :)  Take it with some humour :) The first clip is for Nicolas Cage's sf action GHOST RIDER: SPIRIT OF VENGEANCE. I know that we didn't even like the first one, but the sequel is here ready to premiere next February. As you know this is a comic book adaptation in which Nicolas Cage plays as a stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze who gives up his soul to become a hellblazing vigilante, to fight against power hungry Blackheart, the son of the devil himself. Beside Cage the cast also includes black hunk Idris Elba and British thespian Ciaran Hinds.

    So, how do you like the GOLDEN GLOBE 2012 nominations? I'm sure you've seen the whole list. A rather boring one, if I may say. But I'm happy that Glenn
    has been nominated for ALBERT NOBBS, Meryl Streep for THE IRON LADY and Viola Davis for THE HELP in the best actress category. Michael Fassbender is finally nominated for SHAME, hope he wins among some truly bad rivals. Our beloved ladies Charlize Theron in YOUNG ADULT, Kate Winslet (who is also in the run as mini series actress) in CARNAGE and Michelle Williams in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN are in the run for best comedy actress. Lovely PUSS IN BOOTS and ARTHUR CHRISTMAS are competing for best animated flick. Kenneth Branagh in MY WEEK WITH MARILYN and Viggo Mortensen in A DANGEROUS METHOD are in the run for best supporting actor. I'm shocked that painfully morbid AMERICAN HORROR STORY is nominated
    for best TV show (if they went for horror why didn't they chose THE WALKING DEAD?) and that Jeremy Irons is nominated for best TV actor for THE BORGIAS, even though that is obviously one of his most uninspired roles and he is the weakest link in that cast.

    The second trashy trailer for today is for the film which really is trashy since it brings back all of the trashiest action stars ever. It's Sylvester Stallone's THE EXPENDABLES 2 in which the action team is reunited when Mr. Church (Bruce Willis) enlists
    the Expendables to take on a seemingly simple job. The task looks like an easy paycheck for the band of old-school mercenaries. But when things go wrong and one of their own is viciously killed, the Expendables are compelled to seek revenge in hostile territory where the odds are stacked against them. Hell-bent on payback, the crew cuts a swath of destruction through opposing forces, wreaking havoc and shutting down an unexpected threat in the nick of time - six pounds of weapons-grade plutonium; enough to change the balance of power in the world. But that's nothing compared to the justice they serve against the villainous adversary who savagely murdered their brother. That is done the Expendables way. The cast includes all possible action star names from the previous decades: Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chuck Norris, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren alongside younger stars Liam Hemsworth, Jason Statham and even Novak Djokovic.

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