While you were reading HOLLYWOOD SPY's big spotlight on all 2012 films, I'm sure you've noticed some names repeat, some stars will be busier than others, so here's a spotlight on actors who might dominate this cinematic year.
    After many years spent with the adoration of the audience, but without
    any big hits and big films in her sleeve, Charlize Theron could finally hit it big this year. Beside a possible second Oscar nomination for her role in THE YOUNG ADULT, she will also have two huge blockbusters which might finally make her a profitable actress, which she deserves both with her talent, beauty and charisma: she will be a member of a spaceship crew in Ridley Scott's sf epic PROMETHEUS and then she will be the amazing Evil Queen in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and we have already seen in the trailer that she clearly dominates the film. Let us keep our fingers crossed for her.
    Besides, Charlize, another amazingly talented and unbelievably gorgeous and charismatic actress who will star in tones of films this
    year is English rose Emily Blunt. We shall watch her in romantic drama FIVE YEARS ENGAGE- MENT next to Jason Segel, and then in sf action LOOPER next to Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt about cops who go back in time to catch criminals. She will go back to romance in SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN next to Ewan McGregor, and in ARTHUR NEWMAN, GOLF PRO in which Collin Firth and her play two people who, trying to escape their past, move into an abandoned house together.
    When it comes to boys, the face you will be seeing most is Channing Tatum's. He has six films released this year: TEN YEAR, about a
    group of friends who reunite ten years after their high-school graduation, HAYWIRE, Steven Soderbergh's action packed film, 21 JUMP STREET, the remake of famous TV show this time in the big screen version, MAGIC MIKE, which is the story of his own early days as a stripper with Alex Pettyfer, Matthew McConaughey, Joe Manganielo stripping with him in it, G.I. JOE 2: RETALIATION, the sequel to the sf blockbuster and THE VOW, in which he will play a husband whose wife, Rachel McAdams, loses all memory of him and their marriage after a car accident.
    Our favourite English star Ewan McGregor might also get back into track with five of his films ready to hit cinemas in 2012: the biggest will
    be JACK THE GIANT KILLER, fantasy epic in which he plays a royal guard. He will also star in above mentioned SALMON FISHING IN THE YEMEN and HAYWIRE. Two of his projects with interesting scripts are THE IMPO- SSIBLE, a suspenseful and disturbing story of a family with gets in the middle of Tsunami attack in Asia, and PERFECT SENSE, a sf film about a love story in the middle of an outbreak of a disease which leaves people without all their senses.
    When it comes to young stars who might use a number of their projects to hit the stardom, there's Nicholas Hoult, whom you've seen last year in X-MEN 1ST CLASS, and who will take the lead role in fantasy epic JACK THE GIANT KILLER and in WARM BODIES, a film about
    zombies in love. Young Josh Hutcherson will have lead roles in JOURNEY 2: MYSTERIOUS ISLAND and in THE HUNGER GAMES, along with roles in RED DAWN alongside Chris Hemsworth and in CARMEL as a teenager wanders into a small town where he is introduced to the art-forgery community. Also very busy this year is Jim Sturgess, who will have interesting roles in sf films UPSIDE DOWN and CLOUD ATLAS and also in ASHES next to Luke Evans.

    When it comes to our favourite ladies, her Royal Majesty Judi Dench (bow immediately) will amaze us in wonderful BEST EXOTIC MARIGOLD HOTEL, about a group of senior people (her best friend Maggie Smith is among them) who move to India only to find their new promised luxurious home isn't luxurious at all. She will boss James Bond around in SKYFALL and will play Anna Marie Hoover in Clint Eastwood's J.EDGAR.
    Two of the actors who will probably be the main hunks of 2012 are Chris Hemsworth and Taylor Kitsch. Chris has lead roles in SNOW WHITE AND THE HUNTSMAN and in AVENGERS, and also in RED
    DAWN, in RUSH as a formula 1 driver. Taylor Kitsch on the other hand has the lead role of his life in sf epic JOHN CARTER, and then also a lead role in another sf epic BATTLESHIP. He will also be an unfortunate drug dealer in SAVAGES next to Salma Hayek and Blake Lively.Source URL: http://imagesmillionsofimages.blogspot.com/2012/01/hollywood-spy-spotlight-on-stars-who.html
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