Lakshmi Rai had an ‘intimate’ relationship with Dhoni

    Lakshmi Rai - South India ActressMahendra Singh Dhoni was captaining the Chennai Super Kings in the Twenty20 DLF premier cricket league tournament.Dhoni was in chennai during most part of the tournament.

    It was then reported that Lakshmi Rai had an ‘intimate’ relationship with Dhoni.The media also reported that Dhoni and lakshmi rai were seen together at a beach side star hotel in chennai, a week ago. Later, Dhoni attended the birthday party of Lakshmi Rai and spent the whole evening with her.

    Lakshmi Rai was regularly seeing Dhoni during the Twenty20 cricket league and she never missed any single match of the Chennai Super Kings team, played at M.A.chidamabaram stadium in chennai.

    The Television cameras too captured Lakshmi Rai rooting cheerfully for her “favourite” Indian cricketer.

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    But then who did not cheer for Dhoni in chennai and Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Lakshmi Rai could even turn out to be good friends?!!!
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