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    Love Story
    After battling all the production hassles while filming India's biggest ever sci-fi flick LOVE STORY 2050, producer-director Harry Baweja has finally embarked to hit screens in a big way. Being made on a lavish budget of more than 40 crore, the film travels back and forth in time.

    The music of Love Story 2050 has been composed by ace music composer Anu Malik. A swanky-looking Priyanka Chopra in red hair, Harman Baweja's chiseled looks are making waves among audience these days. The handsome young Harman stares confidently at screen with the entire team of LOVE STORY 2050 making sure that his 'first look' is a worthwhile affair.

    Let's wait and watch what the film has to offer which is set to arrive on 4th July worldwide. Synopsis: It's a story about Karan (Harman Baweja) a young spirited sparry boy who lives life off the rules and Sana (Priyanka Chopra), a young petite, shy girl who lives life by the rules.

    Their interaction thus develops into a magical love story. Karan's uncle Dr. Yatinder Khanna (Boman Irani), a whacky scientist has been working on the Time Machine for years, which one day finally, works! Sana expresses her wish to travel time to Mumbai in the year 2050.

    What they see in the future is a spectacular city with flying cars, 200 storey buildings, robots and sky rails that have changed the very face of Mumbai and the world! The two kids, Sana's brother and sister who have also traveled with them find the new world fascinating. Through a series of twist and turns, the time traveler Karan finds himself separating from his love.

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    QT, a friendly femme robot and BOO, a small robotic teddy bear play their distinct roles in bringing the love story of Karan and Sana together but soon they find themselves under the threat of the demi-god of the future, Dr. Hoshi. Will Karan be able to overcome the threat of Dr. Hoshi and win his love and travel back in time?
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