SouthIndian Actress Asin Birthday Celebration on Oct 26.

    SouthIndian Actress Asin Birthday Celebration on Oct 26.

    Asin is on cloud nine, as she celebrates her birthday today (Oct 26). She is just back in Mumbai from London and Paris after the long schedule of Vipul Shah’s London Dreams, her second film in Hindi.

    She says: “I am glad to be back in Mumbai where I will be celebrating my birthday by having a quiet dinner as usual with my parents”.

    In fact the unit of London Dreams had invited her for a wrap up party before she left London and the actress was overwhelmed to find that it was a surprise birthday party that Salman Khan and Ajay Devgan had arranged for her.

    The entire cast and crew including the Cultural Minister who had given special permission for the unit to shoot there was present to wish Asin.

    SouthIndian Actress Asin Birthday Celebration on Oct 26.

    Says Asin: “I never thought that I would be able to come back to Mumbai on my birthday. The unit was so professional and well-planned that we wrapped up the shoot five days in advance and I was able to fly back to Mumbai and celebrate at home”.

    Asin also confesses that she changed into a complete shopaholic during her shoot.

    Adds Asin: “It was a necessary evil that I had to indulge, as I explored all leading designer label stores in Paris and London from where I picked up designer shoes, dresses and sunglasses for my film as well as my personal use”.

    Asin was also amazed when lots of Indians at Madame Tussauds in London came up to her and wanted to be photographed with her.
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