Since HOLLYWOOD SPY adores visually stunning epics, here's one from China. John Woo's "Red Cliff" opens in USA in November, and is considered the highest grossing film in Chinese box office history. It marks Woo's return to Chinese cinemas after almost two decades.
    With Asian Brad Pitt, Takeshi Kaneshiro in one of the lead roles it tells the story from the period of Three Kingdoms in Chinese ancient history. The land of Wu is attacked by warlord Cao Cao and his army of one million soldiers. In the attempt to unite all of China, Cao Cao has convinced emperor Han to attack the kingdoms of Xu and Wu. Thus begins the military campaign of unprecedented scale. Xu and Wu have to form an alliance to defend themselves. Numerous battles of strenght and wit both on land an sea, will culminate in the battle of Red Cliff which will change the course of Chinese history forever.
    Apparently everything in this movie is mindblowingly huge, the sets, the stunts, the photography, the budget, the success, the battle scenes, visual efects ....Source URL:
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