One of the breakthrough stars of "Britain's Got Talent", middle aged Susan Boyle a housewife with angelic voice and some less angelic looks, has apparently won the attention of Hollywood as well. After Catherine Zeta Jones had said that she would like to produce a biopic about Boyle, the new update is that Robin Williams was presented with the idea to play the lead role.
    This is what he said: "I've been asked to play Susan in the movie. I think she's incredible. That clip of her singing on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT was extraordinary. So inspiring. She's got a really great voice."
    Williams has reportedly already learned to mimic Boyle's voice from her audition performance when she sang "I Dreamed a Dream".
    Well, if nothing else, we must admit, there really is some strong physical resemblance between Susan and Robin. Just look at the pictures. And Robin has an experience in playing characters of another gender :)
    Actually, when I come to think about it, I'd watch a movie about her only with Williams in the main role :)Source URL:
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