YOUR FAVOURITE TV HUNK poll (part one) has just finished, and as you've seen it was basically a clash between Jonathan Rhys Meyers' and Craig Parker's fans. Jonathan Rhys Meyers won since his fans left outrageous 200 votes in last two days of the voting, leaving Craig Parker on a second place as a moral winner. Jonathan Rhys Meyers took 222 votes, Craig Parker 95, while Eric Dane's 14 votes got him on the third place.

    Stunningly charismatic Jonathan Rhys Meyers has been around for quite some time, but his breakthrough was the mesmerizing role of king Henry in the worldwide famous series THE TUDORS. One of the best historical series ever has given him the opportunity to truly shine. Playing the naughty king wasn't difficult for him, since he is known to have a naughty nature in real life as well (he's just been admitted to a rehab facility in London a few days ago). Hope the love of his fans will help him go through these problems. I personally adored his breathtaking roles as king Philip in THE LION IN WINTER, and his roles in THE EMPEROR'S WIFE, MATCH POINT, THE CHILDREN OF HUANG SHI, TITUS. Come to think of it, these are all some of my favourite movies, so I strongly recommend them to you, and not just because Jonathan plays roles in them. We've also seen him in ALEXANDER, VANITY FAIR, THE MAGNIFICENT AMBERSONS .... The man really knows how to choose great movies and TV projects. Believe it or not, he never won an Emmy nor a Golden Globe for his role in THE TUDORS. A horrible injustice.

    Now we shall make a small break before we return to the second part of YOUR FAVOURITE TV HUNK poll with some new TV stars, since SEX AND THE CITY 2 premiere is coming up this week. To celebrate the second part of the SEX AND THE CITY movie, in the next two weeks you will be choosing your FAVOURITE SEX AND THE CITY GIRL. So who is it: egocentric Carrie Bradshaw, charming and adorable Charlotte York, smart and ironic Miranda Hobbes, sexy and funny Samantha Jones, or Stanford Blatch during whose wedding Lisa Minelli will sing SINGLE LADIES in SEX AND THE CITY 2? Vote on as much as you like in the following two weeks.Source URL:
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