So what's the best revenge after a women gets divorced from her husband because he cheated on her: maybe starting a sizzling and super steamy relationship with some sinfully gorgeous male top model who is at least ten years younger than her ex husband? Well, that's exactly what our lovely British rose Kate Winslet has done. After her marriage split from movie director Sam Mendes earlier this year, Kate wasn't crying her heart out for too long. The Oscar-winning actress has been going out with a hunky top model Louis Dowler for a few months now and they have become inseparable. Louis is her age (32) and is most famous for the Burberry fashion campaign he did with Kate Moss. Kate has been married two times and both of her husbands were much older than her so the choice of this six-foot tall and strikingly handsome model is more than interesting one. People who know him describe him as a down-to-earth guy who could give piece and security to Kate Winslet. It's interesting that Kate has shot a new miniseries this year called "Mildred Pierce" in which she plays a middle-class housewife who divorces her husband and goes on to raise their children on her own. Strange coincidence isn't it? After divorcing Mendes, Kate took their son Joe (6) and her daughter Mia (9) and they moved to New York. Are you cheering for Kate in this one?Source URL:
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