Now I know that last night's Golden Globes were in the shadow of HOLLYWOOD SPY'S ANNUAL AWARDS :) but whom did you like best at the boring old Globes? Must admit no one has taken my breath away this time with their fashion, but when it comes to best dressed ladies here are HOLLYWOOD SPY'S favourites:
    I thought Jane Krakowski was the best dressed lady in the house, although pregnant she was absolutely magnificent in that asymmetric metallic blue gown with gorgeous earrings and lovely hair. Olivia Wilde was also looking elegant and sexy in her star studded chocolate gown,
    although I didn't like her hair, while Mila Kunis also looked pretty in her emerald silky dress which matched her mesmerizing eyes even though she's still young and could wear sexier things as well. Catherine Zeta Jones, who is generally the best dressed women in the world, also looked radiant and charismatic as usual, but it was more due to her inner beauty and her unbeatable natural elegance. I would love to see more vibrant colours on her. Her hair was gorgeous.
    The worst looking were undoubtedly Natalie Portman, who showed a total absence of elegance and style beside her total absence of acting skills, while I kinda expected from Tilda Swinton to appear in something as horrible as her shapeless skirt and blouse in different shades of white - which is a big NO!
    Best dressed gentlemen were off course Alex Pettyfer (I AM NUMBER FOUR), dashing young Hollywood star, then there's our future Thor Chris Hemsworth in a bow-tie and Jeremy Renner (HURT LOCKER) who was probably the best dressed among them all, totally dressed in dark blue which I especially like to see on men.Source URL:
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