Our poll for BEST COMEDY ACTRESS and lovely Amy Adams is the winner with 36% of your votes. She left behind her Sandra Bullock (13%), Melissa McCarthy and Anne Hathaway (12% each) and Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston with 4%.
    She is definitely one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, taking the throne from Sandra Bullock and Reese Witherspoon. It really didn't take her long to seduce the audience around the world. It must be her warmth and appealing appearance which brings her the love of cinemagoers. We probably first noticed her in CATCH ME IF YOU CAN and THE WEDDING DATE, before she took the role in the, now almost classic, romcom ENCHANTED which basically brought her worldwide fame. In a wise step, instead of continuing in the light tone, she took the role in DOUBT after that,
    showing her profound dramatic skills next to Meryl Streep, which brought her one of her three Oscar nominations. After proving her serious acting skills, Amy took a number of delightful roles in comedies and romcoms such as JULIE AND JULIA, again next to brilliant Meryl Streep, NIGHT AT THE MUSEM, as Amelia Earhart, and in lovely romantic flick LEAP YEAR in which she positively shined next to Matthew Goode. She then went for another Oscar nomination in THE FIGHTER with Christian
    , and later this month you will watch her sing and dance in THE MUPPETS. In 2013 she will be  Lois Lane next to Henry Cavill in eagerly awaited MAN OF STEEL and a wife of a sect leader in THE MASTER.
    It's interesting that she was raised in a Mormon family, that she's a trained dancer, that her best friend is British star Emily Blunt, and that MAN OF STEEL isn't her first Superman project since she appeared in SMALLVILLE too!

    Now, let us move to our new poll. Till the end of November we shall be voting for BEST AGE DEFYING ACTRESS, in which
    you will be giving your votes to some 40, 50 and 60 plus actresses who still have youthful spirits and energy. In part one you can vote for these mature ladies:  Virginia Madsen (DUNE, RED RIDING HOOD), Anjelica Huston (THE ADAMS FAMILY), Emma Thompson (NANNY MCPHEE),  Sharon Stone (BASIC INSTINCTS), Susan Sarandon (THELMA AND LOUISE), Brenda Blethyn (ATONEMENT, SECRETS AND LIES), Marcia Cross (DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES) and Meryl Streep (JULIE & JULIA). Vote on! And since the poll will have 2nd part too, please leave me suggestions in the comments!
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