One of my three most favourite directors in the world, Shekhar Kapur (who brought us three legendary, flawless, deeply moving and stunning epic dramas ELIZABETH, ELIZABETH THE GOLDEN
    AGE and THE FOUR FEATHERS) is returning behind the helm after a very long break. According to "The Hollywood Reporter" he will take the director's chair of LONDON FIELDS from equally fantastic Michael Winterbottom. This is basically a movie adaptation of Martin Amis' novel which is narrated by an American writer, Samson Young, living in London who has had writer's block for 20 years and is now terminally ill while other main characters include a psychic woman, Nicola Six, who meets two men in a bar and senses that one of them will murder her on her 35th birthday. But the main piece of news, which made HOLLYWOOD SPY's heart beat a bit
    faster :), is that Shekhar is apparently also working on the preparations for the third installment of ELIZABETH, the best historical saga in cinematic history with the unbeatable performance by Cate Blanchett!
    One of the upcoming films, which my ladies, and those nice people with a tender heart, will surely love is THE LUCKY ONE.
    Premiering next April, this is basically a movie adaptation of Nicolas Spark's bestselling novel in which the touching and heartwarming story revolves around a Marine who survives three tours in Iraq. He attributes his good fortune to a photograph he carried of a woman he has never met, and he sets out to meet his good-luck charm when he returns to North Carolina. The cast of the film is lead by Zac Efron, also known as the owner of the best body among Hollywood hunks, who is trying to build up a career of a more serious actor after his teenage escapades in pop films. The film is directed by Scott Hicks who brought us amazing NO RESERVATIONS in which Catherine Zeta Jones gave one of her best performances ever.

    One of the main stories today over at "The Hollywood Reporter" was on Universal's film adaptation of IN THE GARDEN OF BEASTS, a recent non-fiction bestseller from Erik Larson.
    Published this spring, the book brought the true tale of William Dodd, the United States' reluctant and mild-mannered ambassador to Berlin in 1933, and his daughter Martha, a vivacious socialite who had romantic affairs with a Gestapo official and a Soviet spy. Dodd and his family at first naively navigated life in Nazi Germany (Dodd's daughter was excited when Adolf Hitler kissed her hand) but they slowly gained awareness of the mounting brutality around them. The film will be produced by Tom Hanks, and there are gossips that he might take the lead role himself as well.Source URL:
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