Bollywood Film Saawariya Movie Review

    Saawariya Movie Review :The fate of much awaited film Saawariya is almost known ,it is an average love story woven around a girl Sonam and a rich dude Ranbhir Kapoor. It has been premi√®red in USA and is said to be an average film . the star cast is Ranbhir Kapoor who is the only son of Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh is the star hero and Sonam who is a daughter of Anil Kapoor is the heroine . Saawariya is directed by the famous Sanjay Leela Bhansali who made it big by the films Hum dil De chuke Sanam and also by Devdas. . Sanjay was almost in look out for the star cast from the past two years and zeroed on Ranbhir and Sonam as he thought these both were very apt for the storyline. Ranbhir and Sonam were close pals from their childhood and readily agreed for the acting in Sanjay’s Saawariya .

    Sanjay with their both elders permission started to shoot and was happy by the way the Saawariya has crafted . The story is a simple love story which has been portrayed in a different manner . Sanjay made no less effort in this making as he used lavished sets & lavish costumes as he is known to do in his past films . He never compromises with either the stars performance or the sets ,costumes, the make-up and squeezes out the acting skill from the performers . Yet in making this super hit he also portrayed Salman khan in the second half of the Saawariya and Rani was paired in a different character than she usually does .

    Well the story is that ranbhir kapoor is a rich and over pampered kid who can sing and dance and nothing else as his life is shown in an narrowed way . he happens to meet the heroine Sonam kapoor and he loves her at the first sight . she is cute with her smile and looks gorgeous in her costumes but Ranbhir loves her innocence and also falls for her attitude . but the problem starts when the girl is waiting for her fiancé before she meets Ranbhir .

    Then there starts the story as how they fall in love within a fortnight and how they happen to express and the rest is same old rough patch followed by the smooth climax . Ranbhir though this is his debut film has shown no signs debuting actor . he was more looking like a regular senior actor who has immense acting talent and full of confidence. He was looking charming with his fresh looks and is already a pinup boy in the young girl rooms . he dared to expose his butt in one sequence of the song which made him even more popular in the teenage girls hearts . Throught the film he acted well and showed no signs of debutant . this is a credit which must be given to director Sanjay who stimulated Ranbhirs acting talent and got what he wanted from Ranbhir . Sonam who is also acting in her first film is also looking gorgeous in her churidhars not only this she with her charming smile stole the hearts of many young guys . she showed 100 % acting skill in the film and also must be applauded .

    This is also the credit of Sanjay Leela bhansali who carefully portratyed her as a girl who is the grand daughter of fair maiden.To add to the spice the handsome hunk Salman is introduced in the film with a twist . He adds the spice and interest to the film . as usual he gave a applauding performance as per the scripts demand . And Rani who was a glamour doll makes the story a bit interesting . But as simple Rani has given her character 100 % posiitivity to her character in Saawariya . Saawariya songs are also very much soothing . the songs were composed to the situation and were also well picturised. The camera work and the art work must be appreciated a lot . as they add 45 % to the films success and which otherwise wold have been a pale dull film.

    Saawariya Drawbacks

    * The story was much dragged in the second half and it was too sentimental.

    * The songs though were situational were also a lot time consuming and were unnecessary in some situations ,

    * The portrayal of women as prostitutes who are their only to dance and sex were also not required by the script .

    * In some places unnecessary lights and paint were glaring on the screen which was only a crazy thinking of the director sanjay

    * Even the story was a oversahadowed by the storylines of the films “Black” and “Devdas” which was clearly seen by some heavy dialogues which were like depicting an historical film like Moghule -azam image
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