Baseless rumors: Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta are splitting up

    Bollywood Actress:Tinsel town may be buzzing with stories of Ness Wadia and Preity Zinta splitting up, but the actress herself is Sanguine and laughs at the rumors and says that she is unperturbed, by all the Baseless rumors which are cooked by Brainless People. Preity also said that Ness is still her boyfriend and will be the same forever. She also added that may be after some time she might think of marrying him, but it is a long time away yet.

    Earlier there were reports that the couple which has been together, for almost three years had a spat on the sets of Zinta’s new film Heaven on Earth, when she was shooting in Toronto. the reports added that zinta was totally focused on her professional commitments and neglected Ness, who accompanied her for the shooting of the film Heaven On Earth, and the director of that film Deepa Mehta, was also very tough taskmaster and she also made Preity shoot rigorously, and as a result Ness got vexed with Preity’s commitments and returned to Mumbai. Later on it was reported that Preity got miffed with Ness, against his rude act of returning to Mumbai and moved to London on a solo holiday.

    Finally,Preity opened up and also confirmed that all was going on well between her and her boyfriend and also sarcastically thanked the media, for showing a huge interest in her personnel life.
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