Pongal Release Kollywood film Schedules

    One days to go for Pongal day (Tuesday, Jan 15), most producers and distributors want to stick to tradition and release their films only on Pongal day. Nobody is willing to experiment by releasing their film on Jan 11 or 12 to get the benefit of the weekend collections.

    There is a belief in Tamil film industry that collections will be poor if it is released before the festival day, as people are either shopping or making preparations to celebrate, and movies are last on their priority!

    At the moment those who have come out with theatre listings for Chennai city and have censored their films are-

    1.Piravom Sandhipom- 'U' certificate, with theatre listings and date, Jan 15.
    2. Palani 'U' certificate, with theatre listings and date, Jan 15
    3.Vazhthukkal 'U' certificate with theatre listings but no date announced.
    4.Pidichirukku 'U'certificate, no theatre listings, but date given is Jan 15
    5. Kaalai- to be censored today(Jan 9), theatre listings given but no date.
    6. Bheema censored with 'A' certificate, no theatre listings and release date.
    7. Indiralokathil Naa Azhgappan to be censored on Jan 11, theatre listings available.
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