BIPASHA BASUhas changed her look in her next film

    The sexy actress of the bollywood BIPASHA BASUhas changed her look in her next film . Bipaha is shooting for a Bengali film ’shob charithra klpanik’.In this film Bips is playing a role of a complex woman who constantly deals with the conflictimg emotions.

    in this film she will be seen in sarees.Film maker RITUPURNO GHOSH is impressed with the pace and the frequency with which BIPS changed her saris for a single ay’s shooting.

    Sources say that BIPS take less than five minutes to change from one attire to the other. The different scenes in the film require BIPS to wear different saris.She has been changing quite a few saris every day and it doesnot seem to mind in at all.

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    In factthe film maker Rituporno is very impresed with BIPASHAS sari changing pace. It is also heard that BIPS is very quick at changing saris. Even before the unit blinks she used to be ready for the next shot.

    The film happens to be the next directorial venture of Bngali film maker RITUPORNO GHOSH.
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