In the movie Vellitherai, director did not accept the request from Prakash Raj

    Director Viji introduced by Prakash Raj turned down Prakash Raj’s whish to make Prithviraj as the hero in his movie Vellitherai.

    In the movie Vellitherai, there are two main characters, one is the famous hero and other is the assistant director. Viji wanted Prakash to play the hero part with Prithviraj as the assistant director, but Prakash wanted Prithviraj to play the hero part.

    The director did not accept the request from Prakash Raj, so he chose to leave the choice to the director. Even though it was not his choice, he gave his outstanding performance as usual. Vijya got famous because of his dialogue writing skills in the movie Azhagiya Theeye and Mozhi also produced by Prakash Raj.

    Then he got promoted to director in the movie Vellitherai. Since Prakash is giving Viji a tough time by not attending the shooting as per scheduled because he has committed to many other projects that he can’t make it to his own projects.
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