Tollywood Industry Actress Kamalinee Mukherji has decide to show her assests

    Kamalinee Mukherji who is has changed her entire style from dressing sense to looks and also some assets shape was literally semi nude in a Pink dress at the premier show of Gamyam on screen 3 at Prasad Multiplex in which people were stunned to see her because of her skin show.

    From the theater management to the artists and also some crowds were all seeing her and her assets which were dangling and also her bottom which was in a rocking shape with a perfect inner garment to seal it.

    She literally looked semi nude and the entire male’s present over there where left in their imaginations.
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    One lady who accidentally happen to see Kamalinee was so vexed up with her dressing sense and said that ,“Is she gone Mad ? To Ms Kamalinee”. This may be due to her husband’s mouth which was wide open and who was enjoying the beauty of Ms Mukherji.

    The news spread like a wild fire that even Allu Arjun who was with his girlfriend, in the same theatre to watch Jodhaa Akbar had to comment Kamalinee in the ears of his girlfriend.
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