Kollywood Film Poi Solla Porom Review

    Star-casts Karthik, Piya, Omar, Nasser, ‘Nedumudi’ Venu, Mouli, Bosky, John Vijay, Balaji, George, Justina, Lakshmi, Pittu and others
    Banner: UTV Productions, 4 Frames
    Production: Ronnie Screwvala - Priyadarshan
    Script and Direction: Vijay (Based on Hindi flick Kosla Ka Kosla)
    Music: M.G. Sri Kumar
    Background Score: Gopi Sundar
    Lyrics: Na. Muthu Kumar
    Cinematography: Aravind Krishna
    Editing: Antony
    Art: Selva Kumar
    Choreography: Gayathri Raguram

    New genres and new surprises with the recent releases and here comes another one. Saroja, Alibaba, the last week’s releases weren’t off A-rated star casts and yet made it bigger across the masses with the appealing storyline. On the pars, Poi Solla Porom with an unique theme and pleasant deliverance is sure to provide entertainment and Elite groups.

    Dibakar Banerjee’s Kosla Ka Kosla made in 2006 didn’t make it so bigger in box-office, for those sorts of flicks were just clichés. Remaking the film exactly, Vijay does modify it with comedy elements suiting to the tastes of Tamil audiences. Indeed, the emotional aspects too work well.

    The film opens with Nedumudi Venu dreaming about his irony death and his family members are not paying any attention to the situations. The nightmare disturbs him a lot and immediately he wakes up in the early morning. The same day he gets along with his family members of his wife (Lakshmi), elder son Ooplinathan (Karthik Kumar), younger son (Omar) and his daughter (Justina) to plot he had purchased with his savings. Indeed, Nedumudi Venu is so curious to build his dream house, but it’s shocking for him to know that it has been acquired by a real estate bigwig baby (Nasser).

    Nasser is so stubborn that he would return the land to Nedumudi if he agrees him to pay Rs.15Lakhs. Nothing helps the victimized family, not even the gundas and policemen for everyone is on Baby’s side. When Omar using the help of gundas breaks down the walls raised by Baby at their plot, Nedumudi is pushed behind the bars… When the entire hopes are dashed down, Karthik Kumar gets the aid of Bosky who was once a partner of Baby in forging fake land documents and got cheated by him.

    Added to this Karthik’s girlfriend Piya, her father (Mouli) and their team are running a drama group. Now, takes the bigger twist of game that the entire group plays against Baby and win back their lost properties.

    In simple, Poi Solla Porom dealing with middle-class issues is sure to attract the B and C set of audiences, but the execution is precisely taking Multiplexes group of audiences into fleet of delightedness. An intelligent move by Director Vijay and congrats to Jaideep Sahni, scriptwriter of original version Kosla Ka Kosla.

    Nothing to blame on the star-casts for everyone have hit the bull’s eyes with their trenchant piece of performance. Nothing looks artificial: be it a father offering his sons a treat of hot drinks and mother preparing side dish (remember the father hasn’t sipped the alcohols even once before in his lifetime) or Nasser interacting with the site watchman Muthu Karuppan, they are awesome. Omar overbeats Karthik at many points with his performance and he is the exact replica of what each son would do in real life to get out of troublesome situation.

    Mouli, Nasser and Nedumudi Venu: these versatile actors bring the entire spotlights under them. Piya hasn’t got much to perform, but with her cute and homely looks, she is sure to attract everyone.

    What makes Kosla Ka Kosla and Poi Solla Porom differ from each other? Not the script or screenplay for they are same. But the comedy blended dialogues and sometimes emotional carries the entire film more rigid.

    Songs aren’t so appealing for they go along with the story. Thanks to Vijay: you don’t have to get struck with unwanted romance sequence or dream songs. But, the cute pair Karthik and Piya presented with bit of romance sequences would have been a sense of attraction for youth groups, especially lovers. Background Score by Gopi Sundar blended with the cinematography of Aravind Krishna offers a grand visual treat. But it doesn’t look like Antony has edited the cuts and transitions…

    On the whole, Poi Solla Porom is a great light entertainment. Watch it without expectations and you will like it for sure. But, the multiplexes will have the shows booked houseful for several weeks.

    Bottom - Line: Treat for multiplex audiences

    Verdict: Worth Watching
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