Arya and Trisha in Kollywood film Sarvam – Yuvan’s special treat for Vishnu

    Arya and Trisha in Kollywood film Sarvam – Yuvan’s special treat for Vishnu
    Sarvam – Yuvan’s special treat for Vishnu
    ‘Trio strikes back’ wouldn’t be apt as often cliched every media channel would comment the same. Precisely, it isn’t the same score you heard for ‘Arindhum Ariyamalum’, ‘Pattiyal’ and ‘Billa’. All the songs are catchy and sure on screens as you know Nirav’s pitching cinematography is sure to work wonders. Yuvan’s stupendous touch is sure in all Vishnuvardhan’s piece for he considers him as his ‘Special Buddy’.
    Sarvam has 6 special numbers and Cinesnacks brings you first music review for all the numbers…

    1. Adada Vaada
    Singers:Ilayaraja, Yuvan Shankar Raja
    Genre:Rock-Hip Hop
    Ever imagined about heeding to an unique tune of Ilayaraja’s voice with the rhythmic style of 50 Cents. Here’s the one. ‘Adada Vaada’ has it all starting with Yuvan’s humming at interlude followed by Maestro’s rich voice. The flute note is replicated from the famous pop tune that’s used as polyphonic ringtone in many mobiles. It’s a sure chartbuster

    2. Neethanae
    Singers: Yuvan Shankar Raja
    The rhythm doesn’t get you mesmerized. It would be better if Yuvan can stop imitating A.R. Rahman on the same intonations. It may click on the screens.

    3. Sutta Suriyanae
    Singers:Vijay Yesudas
    The first line of this song seems to be the yesteryear tune of Ilayaraja and rendered byYesudas.Vijay Yesudas’ voice dominates the instrumentations.

    4. Kaatru Kullae
    Singer:Yuvan Shankar Raja
    Water drop programmed as rhythm is a commendable factor. But again, Yuvan is imitating Rahman’s way. It would have been better if Karthik had crooned for this piece. But, it’s a nice song about the young lad’s pathos about missing his girl.

    5. Siragugal
    Singer: Madhushree, Javed Ali
    A poignant melody with good singers on the lead. The melodious tune is sure to turn one of the best top-charting songs of this year.

    6. Theme Music
    Extraordinary, Yuvan has the knack of spelling the best when it comes to theme music. The first part is carried through with Ceylon-rap song while it suddenly transcends into the other mood of spine-chilling thriller (more or less the same as ‘Billa’ signature tune)
    As a whole, Sarvam has good tunes that will keep us entertained for sometime as there aren’t any melodies to heed over and over. Keep listening to the songs and it’s worth doing so.
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