In a recent interview "Star Trek" writers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman have spilled some details about the sequel, which they are currently working on. They argue that now that last years smash hit has set up the characters, our favourite crew members will have to deal with a very nasty and challenging villain next time. Here's what Kurtzman has said:
    I think our idea on this is that the first of any series is about them coming together or the formation. Whereas I think sequels are very much about the villain. Because while in the first one the villain serves to bring the crew together, the second one I think has to be a true challenging of what that family is about. That is why "Wrath of Khan" was so amazing. Khan tested each one of them and ultimately asked for the ultimately sacrifice, and that is why that movie held up so well.
    So, I guess we can expect some major trouble in space when "Star Trek 2" appears in two years time.Source URL:
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