Vincenzo Natali the director of the bizarre sf movie "Splice" has been hired to direct Tunnels" the film adaptation of the first installment of the New York Times best-selling "children's series by Roderick Gordon and Brian Williams.
    Achieving sales of more than a million copies and published in more than forty countries worldwide, "Tunnels" tells the story of Will, a 14-year-old boy driven by a fascination of the buried past, who is drawn into a subterranean world after his archaeologist father abruptly goes missing. This hidden civilization, beautiful and unforgiving, is dominated by a sinister, vicious race called the Styx, who have presided over generations of enslaved colonists.
    The producers say the movie will represent the next level in family entertainment, combining a science-based reality reminiscent of the classic fiction of Verne and Wells, but in a completely contemporary setting.Source URL:
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