Since you obviously like Scotland's own Gerard Butler a lot judging from the current results in HOLLYWOOD SPY's latest poll, you will probably be happy to hear that he is having a blast these days. It seems he has no problem finding gorgeous women all around the world and having fun with them. After taking a trip to Mexico to celebrate Jennifer Aniston's 41st birthday, the Scottish hunk flew over to the Rio de Janeiro carnival. Giving proof to all those people who believe that his fling with Aniston is just a fake relationship constructed to promote their upcoming romantic comedy "The Bounty Hunter", once in Rio he took a romantic beach stroll with a bikini-clad goddess from the Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger. Although they tried to quash possible gossips so the actor marched on ahead of Nicole, it seems that was unnecessary since according to the press she's now back with her boyfriend Lewis Hamilton. Having all this in mind I wonder what will happen when Gerard comes to Serbia this Spring to shoot Ralph Fiennes' directorial debut "Coriolanus". As you know, Serbian women are known to be among the most gorgeous in the world :)Source URL:
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