A whole bunch of comedy pilots is in preparation currently, and it's nice to hear that since somehow I have a feeling that the golden age of great sitcoms has passed, and I'm not happy about that. Here are some of the upcoming shows:
    Jane Kaczmarek and Adam Arkin will star in ABC's comedy pilot "Who Gets the Parents?", joining Andrew West and Derek Richardson. The story will revolve around a couple (Kaczmarek and Arkin), who, after 30 years of marriage, are getting a divorce and take on more active roles in the lives of their three adult children. West will play the super smart youngest child, and Richardson will play the sensitive middle child.

    Already known in the comedy department, Leah Remini (pic above) is returning to TV as a lead in ABC's comedy pilot "It Takes a Village". The story will revolve around exes Karen (Remini) and Howard and their new significant others, who join forces to raise their 15-year-old boy.

    Fox's "Most Likely to Succeed" will be about a group of friends who were once superstars in high school but now face the reality of adulthood. Kaitlin Doubleday will play Becca, once voted "most popular" but recently divorced from her cheating ex-husband.

    "Freshmen", from 20th TV, is the comedy about three freshmen members of Congress (one played by Sarah Chalke)(lower pic) who live together in D.C. Taran Killam will play Chalke's personal assistant, a go-getter.

    NBC's comedy pilot "This Little Piggy" centers on a family man (Ben Koldyke) forced to take in his two adult siblings, who have fallen on hard times.Source URL: http://imagesmillionsofimages.blogspot.com/2010/02/bunch-of-new-comedy-pilots-coming-to-tv.html
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