Abhishek: Who says Rani & I have differences?

    Putting aside all the rumours about Rani Mukherjee being ostracized from the Bachchan empire because of the supposed hostilities between Aishwarya and Rani, Abhishek in an exclusive tete-a-tete from Namibia where he's shooting for Goldie Behl's Drona, gives Rani a clean and amiable chit.

    Movie stills: Laaga Chunari Mein Daag

    "Who says Rani and I are at loggerheads? Such talk hasn't affected our friendship at all. Strangely we've played husband and wife in most of our films together. Rani is a superb actor and we've done some truly challenging work together. You have to see us in Laga Chunari Mein Daag together. I hope to do many more films with her."

    It's not just the pleasure of working with his favourite co-star—alright, second-favourite co-star after wife Aishwarya—that made the latest Abhishek-Rani film special. "I got to work with mom (Jaya) . I had done a cameo in a Bengali film as her son. Mom and Pa are two different actors and human beings. It's a sheer pleasure to share screen space with mom. I hope to do as many films with her as I've done with Pa."

    Abhishek: I'm Aishwarya's biggest fan

    Ask him what's the main difference between working with his two parents, and Abhishek ponders, "In-between shots Pa and I chill out, have fun. Ma is constantly mothering and fussing over me when the camera is switched off. Though I pretend not to like it I secretly love it."

    There was big-time bonding on the sets with co-star Kunal Kapoor. "Kunal and I grew up together. He belongs to the same Juhu circle that I do. He's a terrific guy and an even better actor. His performance in Laaga will surprise a lot of people. I also admire Konkona and got to work with her for the first time.She's great fun."

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    As for director Pradeep Sarkar, "I did a number of ads with him before I finally got to be in a feature film with him . His zest for his work in unparalleled. I saw no difference in his enthusiasm level on sets of our feature film. I want to work with him again," Abhishek ends from Namibia.
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