Tollywood trade union leader Tammareddy Bharadwaja released the music of Missing

    Prominent Tollywood trade union leader Tammareddy Bharadwaja released the music of Missing, a new movie starring all debutantes, at Film Chamber. The first Audio CD was given to AP Directors' Association president Sagar. The film is made under the banner of `Sri Sravya Movies` with music by Saketh Sairam. Sunilkumar Reddy is both producer and director. Y. Ravindra Babu is the executive producer.

    Tammareddy criticized the current trend of filmmaking among the upcoming producers and directors. "They are coming to the film industry out of craze, but not with passion. This has led to a flop show all the way. Not even 20% of the films are registering success. Only movies with good subject have clicked. `Happy Days` is the best example. He fielded all the new comers. This is certainly a bold step. Likewise, Sunilkumar Reddy, despite facing odds with his previous, chose to make films with different themes. I wish him all the best."

    Sagar said: "In the yesteryears I did the movie `Needa Leni Aadadhi` with all new comers. That time, it was considered a big risk. However, due to the powerful subject, the movie became a blockbuster. I wish that our modern day producers and directors will take care of the subject matter in their ventures."

    Sunilkumar Reddy said: "`Missing` is the story of three junior doctors. Set in the backdrop of a hospital, one of the girls spots some supernatural things after the failure of a surgery leading to a fatal consequence. Thereafter, one after the other, all the three girls goes missing. What happened later would form the rest of the story. Music director Saketh Sriram has given superb music.”
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