Venkatesh speaks about the film Thulasi(Tollywood), and comments about opposite actor Nayanthara

    Thulasi is all is set for release on October 12. After Lakshmi and Aadavari Matalaku Ardhale Verule, Venkatesh is back, to woo the family audiences of Andhra. Facing a pleasant portrait of Bhagwan Ramana Maharshi in his private room at Ramanaidu Studios, Venkatesh speaks about the film, his career and spiritualism. Excerpts from the chat.

    Tell us about Thulasi?
    Thulasi is yet another emotional family drama. It has all the ingredients to satisfy my fans. (Smiles) Unlike Lakshmi, Thulasi, will have an extra dose of action and sentiment. The entire movie is shot in an interesting manner with specially conceived sequences. It has high-voltage of action, romance and sentiments. The major highlight of the movie is the music by Devi Sri Prasad, which has already become a chartbuster. All the numbers are situational and will give a pleasant experience to the audience. Choreography and the locations are also special in Thulasi.The editing is very slick.

    Why do you prefer titles like Lakshmi and now Thulasi?
    Not intentional at all. The title of the film has relevance to the story. I play the role of Tulasi Ram. Moreover, it has sentimental value attached to the sacred Thulasi plant. I think there is nothing wrong or abnormal in this title.

    What about the characterization of Tulasi Ram?
    Tulasi Ram is a blend of violence and silence. He hails from Palnadu and hence holds a lineage of his own. He falls in love with a girl – call her a mix of modernity and tradition. She is both glamorous and homely. Tulasi is an architect. But the story is about love and other family drama elements. There is also the angle of factionist cult attached to Tulasi.

    What kind of sentiments is there in the film?
    There is a father-son sentiment and the boy – Athulith has done a wonderful performance. I can repeatedly say that he is cute, wonderful and great. I felt at home working with him. The audience will cry during a few scenes. The relationship will sound realistic and not at all dramatic. This child sentiment can be called the lifeline of the film.

    Action, sentiment or romance. Which one you felt more difficult to enact?
    I did all the departments with passion. But, it was with the child sentiment that I worked hard and felt the weight on my nerves. Anyways, I liked it most.

    Tell us about Nayantara
    Going by the story, the heroine should look both glamorous and traditional. I already said that. Nayantara was the right choice. And she has done a great job.

    How you felt working with Boyapati?
    It was team work. Boyapati worked for my films Pavitra Bandham and Pelli Chesukundam as an assistant director. When he narrated the story, I instantly liked it. He is one technician who could mix commercial element with realism with perfect ease. You will see that in Thulasi.

    Why don't you prefer acting in big budget mass films?
    I don't really mean it. For me, there is nothing like a budget movie or small budget movie. After all, everybody works for money. I should know what my audiences prefer. If not, it will become a risky proposition. Producers should get back their money (smiles).

    They say that you are turning spiritual. Please comment
    Yes. I have completely surrendered to God. He will take care of me. I have experienced that God is within us. Most of us are not inviting him into our heart. Once you invite him wholeheartedly, you will experience bliss.

    One more hero is coming from your family. How do you feel?
    Yes. Rana (son of Suresh Babu) wants to be an actor. He will come at the right time.

    Your future projects?
    At present I want to take a break.
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