I must say I'm very proud of you since you have shown how injustice is an important issue for you so you came in record numbers (almost 300 votes!!!)and voted for the most underrated actor in Hollywood, or someone who should by all means be the megastar in Tinseltown. The winner is Patrick Wilson taking 44% of votes in a tough battle against Karl Urban who came second with 38% of your votes.
    I've always thought of Patrick Wilson as the male counterpart to Cate Blanchett, because he seems to posses all of her quality - elegance, deeply profound acting skills, expressiveness, breathtaking, magnetic and charismatic physical beauty, and above all - they both seem as really good and positive people privately as well. What makes him even more unique and amazing is the fact that all these characteristics are extremely unusual for an American actor (since they are, almost without exceptions, quite cold and mechanic in their approach to building a role). Although the audience around the world knows him best as the kind super hero Nite Owl from "Watchmen", he is usually known as an actor who can give refined, emotional and deeply expressive performances in legendary social dramas: we all remember the way he portrayed inner conflicts and turmoils in "Angels in America", how he positively shined in "Little Children", how romantic and focused he was in the star studded "Evening". Although "Angels in America" brought him nominations for a Golden Globe and an Emmy, believe it or not he has never been nominated for an Oscar, which is still one of the biggest injustices ever. Beside being a renowned drama actor, he's also a great action star who was in considerations for roles in "The Fantastic Four" and "Daredevil", so we'll soon see him in the action flick "A-Team". We want to see him in Hollywood's A list projects.
    The most charismatic Karl Urban who always brings great roles even in not so great movies became famous thanks to "Hercules" and "Xena" in which he played the roles of naughty Cupid and powerful Julius Caesar. He is best known for his irresistible magnetism which radiates from the big screens helping him steal the show from his fellow cast members. His casual charm is probably a genetic thing, since he comes from New Zealand. Although he obviously has great acting skills, for some reasons stated above most producers see him as an action star so the list of his projects is dominated by action, sf and epics. We've seen him and absolutely loved him in "Ghost Ship", "Lord Of the Rings", "The Chronicles of Riddick", "The Bourne Supremacy", "Pathfinder", "Doom", "Comanche Moon", and this year he put a smile on everyone's face with his witty portrayal of Dr Bones in "Star Trek". Next year we'll watch him in vampire horror "Priest". We want to see him in big, leading roles which he deserves.Source URL:
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