With an estimated $3.5 million during the midnight screenings "Avatar" didn't break any records but it did nicely for a midnight debut. According to "MovieWeb" the sf epic has opened in about 2,000 screens during the midnight debut, with most of those screens in 3D. The film was open today in over 3,400 theaters, with close to 3,000 screens shown in 3D and close to another 3,000 screens in 2D. Fox domestic distribution president Bruce Snyder also said that Friday matinee grosses were "exploding" which shows that it will be a real moviegoers picture, and not just a movie for the fans. I hope "Avatar" will have a huge success, because I totally agree with all those people who say we need to send a message to the big studios, that we want creative movies like this and not all those superficial vampire soaps and cheap comedies.

    "Avatar" has earned $27 million on its opening day and so far it might become the third highest grossing film in history for December. It is estimated it will earn around $75 million during the first three days in release. Analysts are blaming snow storms on the East Coast as the reason why "Avatar" hasn't broken records in the opening weekend, but judging from the high scores and appraisals it is getting from almost everyone who has seen it so far it seems that it might be a word of mouth movie which will earn more and more each coming day.Source URL: http://imagesmillionsofimages.blogspot.com/2009/12/takes-35-million-in-midnight-screenings.html
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