Here's one for our dear girls and other fans of "Sex and the City". The sequel to the worldwide blockbuster based on HBO's ultra popular TV show, is close to its premiere on May 27th.
    As you know the plot is kept secret but we know that Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha will visit Abu Dhabi (as Carrie says in the trailer - sometimes you just have to get away from boys), where the foursome are said to be meeting up with Samantha Jones' ex-boyfriend Smith. It seems that Carrie will have a surprising encounter there with one of her biggest ex-loves Aiden Shaw. There will be changes in the lives of four girls: Miranda is dreaming of quitting her lawyer job to be a housewife, Samantha is trying to stay youthful and Charlotte is coming to terms with family life. Apparently there will also be a baby (Mister Little?) and a wedding in the movie (probably Stanford's), but no one knows the details.
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