According to "Heat Vision Blog" the quest for "Captain America" is over and the role has been offered to Chris Evans (who generally has the biggest support among the fans of the super hero). Apparently the offer includes deals for three "Captain America" films along with "The Avengers". But since neither Marvel Studios nor Evans' representatives would comment on the story I must add that yesterday everybody was writing about Chris not being the only actor in the final round. According to other sites, the other two final contenders are Channing Tatum, whom we already mentioned this week, and young Sebastian Stan from the popular TV show "Gossip Girl". Although Sebastian might have better chances since Evans has already been a super hero in "The Fantastic Four" while Channing is a part of "G.I.Joe" super team, we must add that Sebastian is from Romania, and the producers said that they want an American for the lead role.Source URL:
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