OK, people, new updates from "X-Men: First Class" casting process: according to "Production Weekly" young actress Amber Heard could play young Mystique in the new part of the mutant saga. Rosamund Pike, who was rumored last week that she might take the role of Emma Frost, might get another role playing Moira McTaggert, Professor X's assistant.
    There's also an interesting twist in the rumors connected to the male roles - according to all the news Michael Fassbender and Aaron Johnston are both choosing between the roles in "X-Man: First Class" and the "Spiderman" reboot. Both could play young Magneto in "X-Men", Fassbender could also be a villain in "Spiderman" while Aaron could get the role of the Spiderman himself. A total tangle :) We shall soon find out who's getting which role, I hope.Source URL:
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