A story that shocked us all a few years ago about Natascha Kampusch the kidnap victim from Austria is going to be adapted for the big screen. You probably still remember this terrifying case of this young girl who was abducted by Wolfgang Priklopil while walking home from school, after which he held her captive in his cellar for eight years. She somehow managed to escape in 2006, while Priklopil committed suicide immediately after that by throwing himself under a train. This stirring movie will be directed by Bernd Eichinger who already has his lead actors in mind according to the first rumors - while he wants Christoph Waltz to play Priklopil, Natascha Kampusch will probably be portrayed by no one else but Kate Winslet. Although she is 12 years older than the 22 years old Natascha, Kate has already proved herself in many disturbing and psychologically difficult dramatic roles accepting many professional challenges that most of her colleagues wouldn't carry out. Natascha Kampusch has admitted that she has accepted to turn her story into a film because of thousands of kind letters she has received after her tragic experience.Source URL: http://imagesmillionsofimages.blogspot.com/2010/06/kate-winslet-to-play-famous-kidnap.html
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