Actress illeana chance move to Actress Tammana

    The latest news of the evening from the Tollywood Industry comes right the way. It was scheduled that the actress Tammana would be donning the lead role in the upcoming movie which is going to be directed by the most talented and the versatile directors, Sukumar, who has shared his hands in the casting many new talanted faces to the film industry. It was almost ready that Tammana would be the lead actress, in the movie.

    But suddenlt, Sukumar felt that the role would not suit Tammana and she is not apt for the role and now she has been rejected from the film. Illeana is one of the top ranked actress in the Tollywood and there is no doubt that she would be in the second in the list.

    Seems that after the sincilating performance in movis like Pokkiri and other films, Illeana would be donning the lead role in this movie too. Sukumar is one who has given the film industry actresses like Anu Mehta and Isha to the industry.
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