Eshas Deol pinning her hopes on Kunal Shivdasan’s Hijack:

    Esha Deol has been in bollywood for quite sometime now.Esha Deol has a few good flicks including “Dhoom”, “Cash”, “No Entry” and “Darling” among others.Though Esha Deol is talented and has the needed oomph factor for being a bollywood actress, she is still not the bollywood directors’ favourite.

    Esha Deol is now pinning all her hopes on “Hijack“, a bollywood film directed by Kunal Shivdasani. Esha Deol plays the role of an air hostess in “Hijack“.This bollywood film is basically a high energy action entertainer that also has a huge mystery element to it. “Hijack” also has Shiney Ahuja and newcomer Kaveri with her.

    Kunal Shivdasani is all praise for Esha Deol’s performance and said, “She has given an outstanding performance and I believe that this is surely an award winning performance too”.

    Kunal also added, “I wanted someone who could look convincing as an air-hostess. The moment I met her, I knew she was the right face and body for the role. And to think of it, she is covered from top to bottom throughout the film. It needs some conviction from an actor coming from hardcore commercial background to be willing to be seen in only one costume throughout the film’s length.”
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